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Asset Improvement

With changing environments, organizations need to have the agility to adapt to changes in a flexible way. The people behind the organization are supported with (several) assets to achieve the desired results. This requires supporting departments like IT to be very adaptive and flexible. In practice this means it is very difficult and time consuming to keep track of your assets and more to optimize the usage of your assets. The Asset Optimization module enables you to measure, report and alert on the actual asset situation and potential for efficiency improvements, real-time applying to all ICT Hard- and Software. Creating transparency upfront in the business process leads to decreasing disruptions, preventive maintenance and cost efficiency.

Migration Management

Organizations strive to stay ahead and innovative to maintain or gain market position. As IT evolves to support business processes, it is required to upgrade, renew or refresh supporting equipment like (Computer/Telephony) Hardware, Operating Systems, Software, etc. These migrations or changes often are confronted with large challenges executing this process in an efficient and controlled way. The Migration Management module was developed taking into account years of best practices and lessons learned out of these kind of migrations. It is a very flexible, configurable solution that fully automates the migration process structuring the inventory-, preparation-, planning- and execution phase after which it connects back to the Asset Inventory Module to close the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Quality and performance

With the continuous drive to improve your business, management requires in depth insight on the real-time, actual performance of the organization. In order to be able to steer the organization in an effective way it is necessary to be able to create different views on multiple metrics. The Quality and Performance module provides a user friendly flexible configure solution to execute real-time measurements on business KPI’s. Every cross functional, horizontal or vertical KPI performance measurement can be reported at every desired moment to provide all management layers of the organization with the necessary analytics. This enables the organization to get in depth insight in the actual performance of the organization and provides the focus where to adjust and / or invest.


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Within the corporate world there is a large demand for solutions that bridge the gap between day to day operations and relevant, reliable information to facilitate long term management. Seeking to face this challenge the modern organization of today is forced to implement and maintain an extensive list of software systems, creating a mazelike patchwork. Confident to have identified these important niches in the provision of information to a certain extend, SPINE Closing-Gaps offers a single, cost efficient solution based on years of market analysis and experience.

Today we proudly state that the solution has proven its value as core source of information for multiple multinationals (High Tech, Automotive, Food, Chemicals, Pharma, Plastics, Energy, Medical, Paint/Coatings, Consumer goods, Logistics).

SPINE Closing-Gaps envisions to be a young organization with a high innovation power. We believe that we are unique in offering a single source solution that closes these gaps and enables improved long term strategic planning and decision making while maintaining quality, efficiency and agility. We strive to remain the young innovator that creates the solution for these gaps today and in the future.

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